What’s in Your Beach Bag

A day at the beach is the perfect way to unwind after a long week. Warm sands and a sunny sky create the perfect space away from the everyday. It may be tempting to rush out, however there are some preparations that are needed before you go. A well packed bag or tote will get you through the day without any unnecessary interruptions. It would definitely ruin your beach vibe if you had to leave abruptly to recover forgotten items and essentials. Planning ahead will guarantee you can pick your sandy spot and stay as long as you’d like.

Aside from your bathing suit attire and oversized towel, there are several necessities that will fill your beach bag. The best method to remembering your list is thinking of it in head to toe terms. This will keep you comfortably covered for the entire day. Once you have your bag ready and set, you will be on your way to some much-needed fun in the sun.

Beach Cover

If you are planning on spending more than a few hours at the beach, plan ahead for any weather or circumstance. Surprise rains or an overzealous amount of sunshine can put a definite damper on the day. Set yourself up with a standing umbrella, large brimmed hat and stylish sunglasses when you need to get into the shade with a good book. When you come out from cover, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen to reapply as needed. Be prepared for how you will feel after you take a dip in the water. Having extra towels and a light shirt might come in handy while drying off.

Food at The Beach

If there are no food stands at your beach, bring a cooler with water and foods that will last. Sandwiches and healthy snacks are simple to make and are beach friendly. Avoid sugary treats and drinks to help you stay hydrated in the warmer temperatures. When packing your cooler, use long lasting ice packs or bricks to keep your lunch cool and safe to eat. Now that you have tasty eats, don’t forget the accessories such as utensils or napkins. Whether you have a picnic or a plate, you will be happy you came prepared.

Beach Bag Extras

For safety reasons, you may not bring a purse with you. Think of the small details you are used to having and bring them along for the trip. Nail clippers, bandaids, brushes  and feminine products are usually at the top of the need to bring  list. If you are hoping to access your phone or mp3 player, waterproof cases and portable chargers may be a necessity. A foolproof way to hold your money is an empty Chapstick tube or a concealed container of your choice. Beach safety and precaution should always be a priority. Your time at the beach will be a sunny experience. With the right essentials in hand, you will have a fuss free day without a worry in sight.