What Kind of Sport is Surfing?

Surfing is a sport that can be performed both on a professional level or over a casual weekend. The Pros and novice apprentices hit the waves with the same rush of exhilaration and excitement. The Ocean is one of the natural beauties of the world. When the time is right you will see the waters fill up with boards that head out for the glide and ride. Defining the type of sport Surfing is considered to be requires taking a look at the mechanics of the process.

First off, there are some who do not qualify Surfing as an actual Sport. This is largely due to the narrow margins of a scoring system as it seems to be more entertaining than competitive. Tours and events are set up with competitions amongst Surfers. The results are dependent on the technical skill and difficulty of the moves performed. Most competitors are at the mercy of the waves. They have to be quick on their feet and opt for the best maneuvering they can do for the waves they have in front of them.

Looking at the definitions, it is safe to say Surfing is a Sport that works a bit differently than the mainstream varieties. The playing field is always in a TBD state of mind. It is known as a Water Sport and is generally left at that. Each sport has a function that necessitates movement of the body. Some are High impact using different muscles simultaneously in a hard hitting and active state. Low Impact has smaller movements that are less impacting on the body.

Is Surfing a High or Low Impact Sport?

There are several stages you experience while surfing. The water provides a gentle resistance whether you are floating or Surfing. As you paddle your way out on the board, it can be a good workout, however not considered high impact ….. yet. Standing on the board and getting ready to roll out so to speak is also low impact as there is no exertion for a long period of time. Once the water rises and your are actively Surfing that is when the low to high impact balance is persuaded. For the time you are in, on or under the wave there is a greater force required to maintain stature and positioning. The length of time it remains is up to the Surfer and the Ocean.

The Surfer and The Ocean Equation

At a Surfing event, you will see experienced Surfers compete for the top spots. There is no specific equation that can be used to predetermine the Oceans mobility at any given moment. Wind speeds, temperature and barometer readings can be reviewed for the likeliness of a specific scenario. It does not offer bona fide accuracy yet it still gives a good indication as to what Surfers can expect.

In conclusion, we can reason that Surfing is in fact a sport that has a low to high impact requirement. If you are interested in checking out an event, look at your local listings for information. You can observe or join in and experience the Sporty side of Surfing.