The Perfect Shoes to Wear at The Beach

If you are spending time on the Beach this Summer, you most likely have a swim suit all set for the season. One thing that may not have made it to your take to the Beach list is shoes. The mix of sand, sun and waves can make it a perplexing thought. If you don’t like to be barefoot along the rocks and heat, there are several alternatives to comfortably get you through the day.

If you don’t have an official pair of Beach shoes, you may end up taking off your sneakers before diving in the water. Taking a fashionable cue from Surfers and beach dwellers, you will find many styles that will compliment your Beach gear.

Beach Shoe Styles

Looking at the elements, you want a pair of shoes that have breathability. Sneakers or running shoes are closed off and are not absorbent. Shoe designers make Beach appropriate sets for all genders and ages. Once you find the perfect pair, you may be tempted to wear them everywhere you go.

Surf Shoes – By far the most logical shoe to wear at the beach is a Surf Shoe. Harder bottoms protect you from debris or harmful items you may step on. With a permeable lining, they are comfortable and keep the sands out of your shoes. Surfers prefer them for grip and adaptability. Surf Shoes are good for any activity at the Beach and dry quickly for their next use.

Flip Flops – The ever popular flip flop has been a Beach staples for many years. They offer a variety of colors and easy to clean materials. They are not recommended for running or swimming. Flip Flops are great for short strolls or a quick throw on when your looking for some shade. They typically stay dry and are slim in size for easy packing.

Sandals – If you wear sandals, you may be tempted to bring your favorite cushioned style. Beach Sandals are made with water friendly materials that wont ruin with exposure. Leather and padding may ruin if they are prolonged to moisture. Slip on Sandals to secured straps or buckles come in an array of stylish looks. Opting for stylish beach savvy Sandals will be the comfortable choice.

Wedges – If you are going to the beach for a non-adventurous occasion, wedges are a trendy duo. They look great with sundresses or sarongs. This is only suggested if you have impeccable balance. Wedges have a solid base which still can be wobbly on uneven sands. They are durable and will add a chic flair to your Beach outing.

You can dress up your Beach agenda with the right pair of shoes. They are set to keep you safe eliminating cuts or slips while you journey across the Beach. Whether you decide on Surf Shoes to Sandals, you will be able to add comfort to your list of must have Beach items.