Surfing Equipment for Beginners


That’s right the first item you’ll need if you plan on surfing the waves is of course a surfboard. When it comes to novice boards you want to be looking at a bigger one, and you don’t need to fork out the entire contents of your bank account, why not take a look at a used one instead? The best thing you can do is head to a surf shop, the staff here will really be able to help you and they should know their stuff. They’ll usually have used board for sale too so you can really get a good look at them before you commit to one.


When looking for a good wetsuit the main thing you want to make sure it does above anything else is protect you from the elements. Wetsuits come in all sorts of prices from super cheap to super expensive so think about how much your willing to spend on one and stick to that number, a lot of advertisements will promise fancy features and beguile you with “new technology” but remember its primary function, if it does that it’s a good wetsuit.

Surf Leash

If you want to stay with your board no matter what the waters throw at you then you’re going to want to purchase a surf leash. These items aren’t expensive and they can save your life so we’d recommend you definitely look at getting one. A good one will measure roughly the same length as your board, this should allow you enough room to move when you inevitably fall off and avoid getting hit by the board on the way down. You’ll also want swivels for your leash, this’ll prevent it from wrapping around your legs and tangling you up.

Surf Wax

You may have seen surf wax advertised on any stereotypical surf shop front, this is something you’ll certainly need, unless of course you have a traction pad on yours. Applying surf wax to your board will add a texture to your board where you’ll be standing, this should stop you from slipping over which otherwise would naturally be a constant problem (there’s a lot of water out there).  Don’t worry though, wax isn’t costly at all and as an added bonus you’ll feel like a true surfer when you’re out there waxing it, everyone will assume you are truly at one with the surf.


No, this isn’t to block out the shrill cries of surrounding seagulls or the boom of the crashing waves, if you plan on surfing in cold waters then you certainly want to look at getting earplugs. Surfing in cold water without them can lead to something called “surfers’ ear” which is a condition in which small bones will grow in your ear channel. Not only is this painful but can also cause infection and even a loss of hearing. What’s worse is that the only cure for this is surgery so do yourself a favour, pick up some earplugs, you won’t regret it.