Stay Fit at The Beach

Staying in shape has many health benefits. Losing weight or keeping the momentum can be difficult if you are not enjoying the process. Aside from the fresh and delicious variety of healthy foods you can enjoy, you also have the opportunity to step into a new fitness routine. The options for your workout should involve an atmosphere that is comfortable and challenging at the same time. Some prefer gyms and at home settings while others enjoy getting out in nature. The Beach offers a generous surrounding with the prospect of staying active and on track with your goals. Deciding your regimen will be inspired by a triage of excitement that you can only find at your favorite Beach. Aerobic challenges, sports and ambiance work together to create a picture perfect workout schedule.

The two mainstream types of exercise range from low to high impacts. Depending on your fitness levels, your comfort zone will fall to either side or somewhere in between. From running and surfing to yoga under the sun, the Beach is our own personal training playground. The differing aspects and surroundings will have you saying hello to a new and healthy you. Using the Beaches natural advantages  will boost your normal fitness regimen. It is scientifically proven that adding resistance to your usual steps will maximize your efforts and expand the results. Activities using the sand and water will provide the right amount of opposition to increase you outcomes. Resistance exercises to try include running, swimming and cardio on the sands or in the water. The depth of the soft floor keep you balancing and pushing forward. When you’re in the waves, the to and fro motion give you a need to move against the tides for a deeper workout.

Centering your chakras on the Beach through stretching, low impact and meditative practices is energizing and beneficial. The background touches the senses with a beautiful view and a soothing surround sound of the ocean. You can lay down a mat and have some fit time with Yoga and Pilates while gaining some nourishing vitamin D. Other low impact activities at the beach you may like are:

  • Dancing
  • Bicycling
  • Rollerblading
  • Walking
  • Stationary Floor Exercises

To take it up a notch or two, sports on the Beach are a fun and active way to meet your fitness goals. Whether you grab a board and hit the waves or dive into some volleyball, you will never have a dull moment. Mixing and matching your workout schedule will give you a well rounded routine. This will help you to avoid the monotonous trends that inhibit or stall your progress. Preplanning for your weekly agenda on the Beach is a preventative measure. Make sure to bring plenty of water and healthful snacks. You can keep your eye on the prize without unnecessary temptations or stops. Some easy to bring essentials are extra clothes, towels and workout accessories. Being prepared will ensure a successful Beach route to meet your health goals.