How to Choose a Surfing Instructor

Before you grab a Boogie Board and dance your way to the beach, you may want to enroll in some surfing classes first. Courses in surfing are designed to teach the ebb and flow of the sport and are based on your skill level. For beginners, they will show you how the boards work and the best way to maximize your surfing potential. Balancing and paddling will be on the itinerary along with important safety guidelines.

Choosing an instructor is as important as the lessons themselves. Starting your Surfing instructions will begin an epic journey that will get you off the sand and onto the waves in no time. When you begin looking for a surfing instructor, there are some specifics that you will want to keep in mind to ensure you have the best experience.


It may be easy to phone a friend for help, however there are numerous details and safety guidelines that are set up for you and your fellow surfers. Formal instructors will have the appropriate credentials that will keep important information from getting lost in translation.

Teaching Style

We all have a different way that we learn new things. The teaching style of the instructor should align with our own needs. How well we learn the sport will determine our progress and success of each lesson.


To maximize your instructions, proper communication is essential. Being able to effectively communicate with your instructor will be imperative in how efficient your sessions are while keeping everyone safer in the water.


When all is said and done, you will want to have an instructor who is available at the times you need. This will minimize the length of time you are in the learning zone and get you on your board even quicker.

Experience – when picking someone to spearhead your surfing campaign, experience is key. With the right level of been there, done that, you will gain the asset of their surfing knowledge. With the right know how, an instructor can help you pick the board that suits your surfing style and level of expertise.


Before scheduling your lessons, check on the pricing of each session. Depending on the instructor, you may find package deals or sets that will save you some sand dollars in the long run. If you have a demanding schedule, see if they charge for canceled lessons. This will help you plan ahead and be prepared.

With This in Mind

With these specifics in mind, you will have the inside track to the beach. Your instructor of choice will be a guru and guide that will help you along the way. Surfing is a sport and hobby for enthusiasts from all over. Learning to surf will bring you a lifetime of sunny afternoons and memories. Safety and Surfing go hand in hand. Learning from a professional will offer you the best experience and a confident way to surf the big blue with style.