How to Become a Surf Instructor

Surfing as a sport or hobby requires time and dedication. Most that delve into the waves become enthusiastic for their time on the beach. Whether you started surfing at a young age or became an enthusiast later in life, you will reach a point where you have gained enough skill to be able to mentor others. Helping novice surfers can be a rewarding experience that is also a great responsibility. When you are assisting fellow surfers in perfecting their techniques, making sure they surf safely is the number one priority. Surfing instructors are trained in all aspects of safety, techniques and customizing their students training.

When you are considering a full or part time position as an instructor, there will be a lot of learning, applying and practice involved.  While you are on your voyage , you will meet a few basic steps that will bring you from expert to certified. Once you are licensed and ready to start, you will have exceptional opportunities to travel and meet new friends along the way. Your current lifestyle, interests and level of surfing skill will be factors when deciding to add instruction to your resume. Once you feel committed, it will be time to find a school to achieve your classes.

The Five things you should look for in an institution:

  1. Accreditation is imperative for your license to be valid. They will need to have the proper credentials that will include the state or regions you are planning to teach in.
  2. The course levels vary from basic to advanced. If you are planning to reach higher certifications, make sure they offer all of the classes to avoid the need to transfer.
  3. Verify your teacher has up to date permissions to offer the class you will be attending.
  4. Prices and packages may be offered at discounts for multiple classes. You want the best bundle for your interests.
  5. Testing may or may not be included in the package. Ensure the test sites and applications are convenient for you and accessible.

It is exciting to dive into a career that has so many rewards. To reach your dreams, you will be tested for competency and capability. Tests are given to measure your skill levels and techniques. Surfing requires adaptability in the waves and the confidence to maneuver them. Safety courses are designed to thoroughly prepare you for every scenario or emergency you might come across. Advanced classes are available and are based on a level by level transition. With each platform, you will have a certification as well as restrictions in what you are able to include in your instruction.

You can work for a company or start your own schedule of students with the right certifications. The world of surfing comes with a friendly community that has their own epic style. Finding work and loving your job are two different things. As a Surfing instructor, you can pursue your passions while helping others realize their dreams.