Four Reasons to Love Surfing

A love for Surfing has connected Surfers under the same waterside umbrella. To truly gain a passion for an endeavor there is usually more than just a dose of fun involved.  Separate components work together to create the adoration and all out addiction to Surfing. There are several benefits on the water that have helped Surfing become a worldwide sensation.

Physical Surfing

A great form of exercise will have a combination of cardio and strength training. Surfing keeps you actively moving. From head to board, you will use a variety of muscle groups to keep your balance. The water offers a natural resistance to your session which increases the cardio and strength training factors of Surfing. When you are on the beach or in the ocean, you will automatically adapt your lifestyle to sun filled activities. Healthy eating, staying fit and getting plenty of rest is the best way to prepare your body for the water workout Surfing generously provides.

Surfing for Zen

Surfers agree once you are in the water, the world seems to be left behind you at the beach. If you look at the denominators among meditation, yoga and relaxation methods, you will note a common thread. To achieve a quiet mind, you have to let go of past woes, present topics and future worries. This can be difficult for most people as life can be hectic and busy through the week. Everyday stresses inhibit our minds from reaching Zen levels. Putting your attention on a natural scape and sounds are recommended to assist in the process. Surfing places you in a serene surrounding with the water sprays and waves. Surfers are sharply focused on the tasked at hand which lends a peaceful experience.

Mind Surfing

The satisfaction of Surfing is contributed to the accomplishment of learning the sport and achieving your individual goals. Just as crosswords are known to help your memory, endeavors that allow you to relax and focus serve as a reset button. Starting the next step of your day with a fresh state of mind will improve cognitive abilities all the way around. If a person experiences anxiety or depression, Surfing can elevate your mood. As with most physical exercises, endorphins are released into our system. This element combined with the mental focuses offer a spectacular collaboration.

Healthy Surfing

Above and beyond the list of surfing pros is the health benefits you will have. The continual motion is similar to a work out without feeling the work. Your heart depends on your system remaining in optimal condition to stay healthy. This necessitates the suggested physical movement that includes swimming, walking, cardio and strength training which is brought together when you Surf.

If you are a newcomer to the sport, keep a Surfing Journal  to track your progress. In a matter of a few weeks, you will see first hand the changes and differences Surfing can make in your life, all laid out in the concise manner upon the page as a proof of your progress.