Choosing a Surf Spot for Your Vacation

Finding the perfect spot for a Surfcation is just like Surfing. It is harder than it looks and has more details to tend than your average beach destination. The where to surf checklist is consistent no matter how near or far you plan on travelling. Finding a place with surfable waves will require a bit of research and some surf savvy know how. There are definitive necessities for a beginners and pros alike.

The understanding amongst the surfing community is one that reaches around the world. Surfers are serious about safety while enjoying their time in the water. Throughout the day it is common to see boards lining the beach until the right conditions are present. When you are traveling, you may want to hedge your surf time bets and choose a locale that has a promising outlook.

Smart Surfing

The first and foremost indicators you want to review is the weather patterns. The time of year and geographical location will impact the temperature, rain levels and wind velocities. These factors will affect the waves and swells along with your ability to hit the water. The weather can dampen your plans depending on your agenda. Forecasts are a good place to start along with talking to local shops in the area. It is also important to understand even if conditions are good on land, they may be different in the water. Checking the nautical reports also will give you a better picture of what to expect.

The regulations of the area can narrow down your options. You will want to check out the rules to see if they are a good fit for your Surfing style. Certain boards may not be allowed and they may not allow  anyone to go past a certain point in the water making it more confining for a seasoned surfer. This is especially true if you are venturing to a privately owned beach. There are a few that will only allow those who have passed an instruction course to Surf if they are not in the presence of a certified instructor.

Surfing Etcetera’s

Other aspects to keep in mind while planning a trip is lodging. While some sandy spots allow camping and RV’s, a large majority do not offer those accommodations. Map out the distance between the campsite and beach for a better idea of what you will need.  Hotels and rooms are usually available for most budgets. The same concept applies to grilling foods. If you envision a grill on the beach in between sets, doublecheck the guidelines that it is acceptable where you are going. Doing so will save time and money in the long run. Every region has its own directions in reference to beverages and consumption. Check with local guides for further information so you can plan accordingly. There is nothing more exciting than a Surfing vacation. With the wind in your hair and the waves at your feet, Carpe Diem will be the motto for your sunny journey.