A World of Beautiful Beaches

Beaches are one of nature’s inspired masterpieces. Sandy floors and brilliant blue oceans are known for their breathtaking splendor. When you think of a Beach, you might picture groups of vacationers, surfers and umbrellas in the sand. The most common style of beach attracts visitors all summer. Public Beaches may be popular; however they are not the only type of Beach. Natures colorful creativity is displayed on Beautiful Beaches in many different parts of the globe.

The wonders you see in a natural setting has a special beauty. We know it was not crafted or manmade. When you watch the sunset or witness the formations that were carved by wind and wave, you can’t help but feel a deep appreciation for the wonderous scenes. If you are planning to travel, a few stops are worth the trip.

Beauty and the Beach

Beaches have a specific beauty within its very existence. The sands have a magical essence that keeps them in an elite classification. Seeing the sands of these Beaches will provide an unforgettable experience.

Maldives Beach

Walking along the Beaches of Maldives will appear as if you are strolling across the night sky. Twinkling stars are sprinkled along the sands and water that greets you on the shoreline. The science behind the phenomenon is microscopic bioluminescent phytoplankton. They give off a luminous light when they are stirred or shaken by the surf.  The Beach after the sun sets is an awe inspiring occasion.

Bahamas Pink Sand

Gentle Pink Sands lay a blanket over the Beach. In the Bahamas, the waters are full of Coral. With the oceans movement, a process occurs that transforms Coral pieces into small ground elements. You can pick up a handful of sand and it looks as if you are holding small hardened petals. The color of Coral is generally a pale pink or peach hue. As time evolved, the Beach was layered with the Coral that is pretty in pink.

Black Sand Beaches

While we are used to seeing the neutral beige tones of sands, some places have onyx colored sands along their Beach. In areas with a lot of volcanic activity, you will see the extraordinary view of Black Sands that stretch aside the shore. Beaches in Hawaii and Iceland have a gracious amount of lava cooled sands and sites.

Pfeiffer Purple Sands

The environment that surrounds the Beach can impact the sands and sea. In California, the hills have Manganese garnet deposits. These lavender and purple deposits wash away and erode into the nearby Beach atmosphere. The purple tone found in the sand is in swirling patterns that mix an artistic touch to the view. The collaboration seems to shimmer in the sun with a subtle golden glimmer. It appears in random sections which adds to its intrigue.

These gorgeous Beaches are a stunning serenity. Nature has a way of spinning and turning miracles that are a unique expression the world around us, we only need to look for and discover them.